When I showed up for circuit training class last Thursday,  the instructor said that she would be doing something different. She said that once every four weeks she was going to do something called Shredding. Just that name sounded ominous and struck fear into the waiting participants.

Everyone in the class was instructed to grab a pair of light weight dumb bells (3 – 4 lbs) and to get some floor space. The instructor explained that we would be doing sets of each type of exercise for 20 minutes. We would then get a couple of minutes break and do another 20 minutes. The exercises consisted of 1 minute 30 seconds of strength, followed by abs and then cardio. This pattern would repeat, but the exercises would change.

I thought circuit training was good exercise that always left me dripping by the end of 40 minutes. Shredding had me dripping in 20 minutes and destroyed in 40. Exercises included pushups, various forms of crunches, jumping jacks, push up jacks, skating, running on the spot with knee ups, squats with punches, but kicks and the list goes on.

I usually feel it after the first few circuit training classes each session, but it’s two days later and everything hurts. I must be some kind of saddest, because I actually look forward to classes like these…

Here’s a link that explains the concept:

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