Ref: Ryan Waters

Fred has 30+ years experience, but more importantly is a true generalist with overall experiences unlike anyone I have every met. A company can ask Fred to do anything in any domain, he will deliver!!!!

I had the pleasure of working For Fred at March Networks, MKC, and Counterpath and am very thankful for everything he taught me over the years! Not just technical leadership, but from his ‘no-fear’ approach at solving the complex challenges thrown our way. Any company can benefit from Fred’s experiences, problem-solving and passion for what he does!!

My favorite Fred quotes:

“…To be a competent generalist you must have discipline and passion…”
“…work hard at being humble and when possible let others learn from their mistakes…”
“…respect is earned not once but over and over again…”
“…At Tae-kwon do the tenets are Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, Indomitable Spirit…”
“…work hard and have fun…””

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