Julio Santos

Hey Readers,

I would like to take a break from writing about my own musical adventure and introduce you to a friend who collaborated with me on track #11 on “Wind & Fire”.

Julio Santos lives in Ottawa but is originally from Brazil. I watched a few of his online videos and asked him if he would help me with some latin guitar for a song that I wrote while in Mexico. I’ll tell you more about that song in another post.

Julio’s first album was

released in May of 2020.

He is just about to release a second album (thanks to having extra time on his hands due to Covid).

Available on September 1.

I collaborated with Julio on one of the songs on this latest album. The music is relaxing latin tunes with songs in English and Portuguese.

Julio’s music is available on iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify and a long list of other streaming sites.

Julio has also released a companion song book for the album that contains lots of pictures, a bio and the lyrics for all the songs. You can download the book here:

Brazilian Rhythm Vol. 1 – Songbook

Please support Julio by buying and listening to his music.



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