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Robotic trash pickup?

A few years ago the movie Wall-E highlighted what we have to look forward to as the world slowly devolves into a giant garbage dump. Wall-E was a garbage disposal robot that was left behind to clean up the mess. … Continue reading

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Open Mic Nights

In March of this year I started pulling together a show with my cousin Ray. I know that in order to perform for an evening you need at least 30 songs, but the reality of the situation is you need … Continue reading

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Self driving electric cars

It has been rumoured that the big company with a bite out of their logo is gathering together like minded people to build a self driving electric car. I personally can’t wait for a world with self driving cars, but … Continue reading

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The Intel Edison

A few years back, Intel announced that it would be manufacturing a small all-in-one computer with an SD card footprint. In the end, that footprint was a bit too small, but they did release a very small foot print device … Continue reading

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Hey Readers, It’s been a busy year to date and for those of you outside Canada, we have an election in progress. My last BLOG post included a rant that may seem out-of-place, given the usual technical content found here. … Continue reading

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