Ref: Steve Anderson

I worked with Fred Gillette for three years, he for the most part as
Director of Application Engineering and myself as Sales Director for Canada
at Magor Communications.  Fred is exceptionally hard working and doggedly
pursues answers and solutions in record time.  When a client security firm
requested a virtual concierge from Magor, Fred put together a solution
within a week that allowed a person to walk into a lobby, ring a bell and be
greeted by a concierge in our back office!  We are now looking at a proof of
concept that may see this solution in hundreds of lobbies in the GTA.

Fred was always my “go to” guy for engineering related issues.  When the
phone system did not work, Fred was on top it.  When my visual collaboration
system was inoperable Fred was all over it. Fred is creative and
resourceful.   If the solution is not readily at hand, he will jump in the
car and head off to an electronics shop or research the internet to find a
potential solution.

Best of all you can leave Fred with a problem and he will track down a
solution you need not worry!

Fred is a top shelf guy and would be a great asset on any system/application
engineering team.


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