Ref: Peter Hall

I have known Fred since the summer of 2008 when I joined Magor. Although we have not worked directly together, I know that Fred was instrumental in integrating an IP PBX into our core product. Using this knowledge of telephony, he was able to write a plugin for Mitel phones to connect to our product.

He is extremely resourceful, mixing the right recipe of technologies to make a project work. He has created software and hardware designs to achieve exactly what customers are looking for. It is this broad knowledge and understanding of technology – and it’s potential – which makes Fred a great person to have on board.

Fred is a very driven individual, with a perfectionist’s attitude to most aspects of life. I have had the pleasure of working with Fred on a personal project of mine. He has helped me to restore part of a classic car. With his experienced eye for problem solving, he has saved me hours of labour in the process. Not to mention he made it a lot more enjoyable.

Fred is an asset to any project. He is a generalist with plenty of experience and the knowledge to make it count.

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