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I personally have been working in the “Technology” sector for most of the past 40 years and have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Fred in a couple of different situations. I originally met him when I worked at Newbridge Networks Corporation more than 20 years ago. Soon after we met I was able to add Fred to my product support team where he made contributions on both a technical level and as a group manager. A few years later (in truth I don’t recall exactly how many) Fred left to join Crosskeys corporation where my interaction with him was much reduced. I was “reunited” with Fred when I joined Magor Communications Corporation in 2009.

Fred has several attributes that I would cite as being of particular value.

Firstly his technical capabilities are impressive. His thirst for learning about new things keeps him close to the forefront of a wide variety of technologies. If he doesn’t know (and he usually does) he will make a point of finding out and doing so very quickly. He has a genuine passion for technology and a gift for understanding it.
Second, he is the antithesis of a procrastinator. If you want something done and done right now, Fred can and will do it.
Thirdly, Fred has the self confidence to make cold calls and to make people feel that he is worth listening to. If you asked him to pick 50 potential clients, to call them and to engage them in dialog about what he could do for them, he would have no qualms.

Fred’s attitude towards customers is exemplary. I am not sure that he says no to them as often as he should (and Fred and I have had minor disagreements about that on occasion) but he always provides good service.

Would I hire Fred for a position that suits his talents? Absolutely. Would I let him get away easily? Nope.

I hope you have found my comments helpful. If you want to talk about Fred in person or on the phone,  just email me at and we’ll set something up.

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