A blast from the present

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 1.11.16 PMI wouldn’t want rumors to spread that I was stuck in the past so I had to follow the last review with a more current work from a more current band.

Shine down is a group from Florida that is a product of current times. This is their third hit album and they keep getting better with every release.

This disc is a mix of metal and ballads, which has come to be their trade mark. Their first album “Us and Them” had the hit song “I dare you” which was performed by Chris Daughtry on American Idol. That launched the band which followed up with another hit album “The Sound of Madness”, which contained hits like “Devour”,”Sound of Madness” and “Second Chance”.

The new disc “Amaryllis” is the best one yet with songs like “Amaryllis”,”Bully”,”Miracle” and the more provocative “Nowhere Kids”. The band pulls no punches with their lyrics so the disc comes with a parental warning.

Check it out on iTunes for a sample of each track.

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