Child of fortune

A child of fortune is defined as a person that is considered lucky.

I have always been the kind of person who lives for tomorrow. For me tomorrow holds the promise of new adventures, new opportunities to learn, new places to discover and new people to meet. I am no stranger to hard work and as a generalist with an ever growing skillset, there are always new skills to acquire.

I guess I consider myself a child of fortune. I have had some pretty challenging life events, but I have managed to almost always come out on top. I don’t think that luck played a big part in the outcomes, but I do believe that hard work, an open mind and a “can do” attitude did.

My definition of a child of fortune would be a person that creates their own luck by learning whatever they need to accomplish their goals. A person who doesn’t know how to quit, even in the face of adversity. A person that plans for the future but lives in the present. A person not afraid to fail because failure is the path to knowledge and knowledge eventually leads to success.

“Child of Fortune” is track #2 on the album “Wind & Fire”

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