A Special kind of Crazy

We live in a crazy time. I can say that because I have 62 years under my belt and I have seen a fair amount of crazy. Lately we’ve been experiencing something I call “A special kind of Crazy”.

If we look back on 2019, President Trump was impeached! but nothing happened.

The USA was separating children from parents at their southern boarder and placing those kids in what resembled detention facilities.¬†When I think about that, I think about a book that my grade ten English teacher made me read “Lord of the flies”. I have no doubt that the experience shaped those children in a way they will never be able to escape.

The crazy continued with shootings all over the USA. CBS news reported there were 15,568 gun deaths as a result of homicides, suicides, and accidents. There were also 29,568 people injured by guns. Those numbers are a new world record but the one shooting that sticks in my head is the one in El Paso. 23 people were killed and another 23 injured in a Walmart store (that sold guns).

I was discussing the state of the USA at lunch one day with some friends at work and the topic changed to road rage. My colleague commented that he was guilty of road rage at times, but that he wouldn’t consider it an option in the USA. When I asked him why he said it was because everyone carried guns. Later when I thought back on that conversation I wondered what he was really trying to say and what does that say about the rest of us?

I started thinking about past crazy and thought back to New Years Eve 1999. There were so many people convinced that the world was going to end, there was a nervous excitement in the air. It seems crazy looking back on that night 2o years later, but in comparison that was nothing.

I have not lost faith in people, even though I have days where I’m not a fan [grin]. We continue to evolve and improve ourselves. If you have a smart phone, it’s almost impossible to get lost, appointments are at your fingerprints and you are one click away from the latest news. The news on the other hand…. a topic for another post.

If all that wasn’t enough, the year ended with Covid-19.

For me 2019 will always be the start of “A special kind of crazy”.

Track 5 on the album “Wind & Fire”



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