Next Generation Networks

Hey Everyone,

I have been doing a lot of learning about what 5G is going to bring to the world. It is truly an amazing advancement with next generation radios that provide multi-connectivity and distributed cloud technology that will revolutionize industry. With 5G it will be possible to deploy low latency applications close to the edge in what is called far-edge cloud. Many network functions will be virtualized and deployed in a distributed cloud, based on latency requirements. 5G will drive “Industry 4.0” making it possible to automate production facilities. Remote workers will be able to monitor assembly lines with video and high speed robotic controls. Factory footprints will be smaller, links will be wide, reliable and fast. These technologies will make it cost effective to produce in country and compete globally.

We have learned a lot from this Covid-19 lock down, and one of the things that we have learned is that we need to be able to produce some level of everything we consume. When things get tight, Governments force suppliers to give local markets priority. For example we are having to retool to produce things like masks and hand sanitizer because we couldn’t produce them cost effectively in Canada and our supplies have dried up.

Things are about to change in a big way and that change will be driven by technologies like 5G. I believe the future will be wireless, the question in my mind is, will it be 5G or will it be Starlink? Latency on Starlink will not be able to match 5G but it does provide coverage in areas that 5G cannot effectively address.

Technology aside, I’d like to steal a line from a song…

“The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades”


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