Election 2019

Well that was an interesting few months. Now that it’s over maybe it’s time for a comment (or two).

I’ve blogged before about how I thought that American politics has been effecting the world negatively and it seemed to hold true for the Canadian election. It’s not the craziness that we see in the USA, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Russia, China … but it was the craziest Canadian election that I remember. America has made it acceptable for people to speak their mind independent of facts or reason.

At one point early on in the election, I was wondering if any of the Party’s actually had a platform. It seemed that they were so busy throwing stones at each other, there wouldn’t actually be any issues discussed. Another surprise was how it continued even after the voting was done. I had to stop following the Ottawa Citizen because they were posting articles to fuel the fire rather than point out that the people want to know where the parties stands on issues. This is almost along the same lines as CNN vs Fox in the USA. What happened to the integrity of new agencies and their mandate to find and expose the truth?

I certainly hope that we can reign in the rhetoric and act like adults for the next election. It seems that politicians are focusing on divisive issues to stir the pot and to build a radical following. I wonder where they got that approach from?

I would like to believe that more people think like me and that the Liberal government was re-elected with a minority to force parties to work together. I am very concerned about the clear divisions in what I considered the best and most stable country on the planet bar none. I would like to ask each and every one of you to not accept, and to speak out against, divisive rhetoric and publications. Maybe even to go as far as to say “I won’t vote for anyone who dedicates their campaign to personal attacks on other leaders”.

You want to run the country? This is a job interview. Tell me why you think you are qualified.

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