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It’s been four months or so since the world started it’s transition to what we have today. I suspect the changes will continue well into next year and perhaps even beyond that. Companies have discovered that their workforce’s can be just as productive at home and many have closed regional offices. There are a small handful that have migrated to have the entire company remote. I was already working from home two days a week so the transition was no big deal for me. The savings for the company however are hard to ignore and I predict that working remotely is here to stay.

I feel that we are at an inflection point with respect to Covid-19 changes. Countries like the USA and Canada have started to re-open and I fear that this is premature. The USA is on track to exceed 100000 deaths next week with a reduced but fairly consistent new case and death rate. Warmer weather and sunshine are encouraging people to leave their houses, but it seems that they are also dropping their guard and therein lies the gotcha.

Governments are promoting better tracking with apps and making isolation mandatory for travelers and even enforcing it with laws. Some countries have started to consider travel bubbles. Countries can participate in a travel bubble if they maintain low infection rates and enforce agreed to rules. Other countries like Nicaragua just refuse to acknowledge that Covid-19 even exists and blame deaths on other causes. There is no doubt in my mind that the numbers we see are a best effort guess at the extent of the damage. The reality is the numbers are much higher and it will be some time before we really understand what has happened.

Side effects and long term repercussions of Covid-19 are just now starting to be documented and they are scary to say the least.

If you have to go out, please do so with care and respect for a disease that could kill you or your loved ones. Wear a mask. wash your hands and stay away from large crowds. One of the things that they tell all medical students is “You can’t cure stupid”. We may not be able to cure stupid and we all suffer from bouts of stupid, but now stupid will kill you.

So please don’t be stupid.

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