Martello Technologies

Martello Technologies

Martello Technologies is a global provider of comprehensive voice and data monitoring and remote access services that deliver network visibility and improves the health and security of networks.  Martello Technologies provides customers and solution providers with a robust monitoring service with real-time and historical performance reporting. The core producted called “Marwatch” is sold through Mitel and concentrates mainly on monitoring networks where Mitel communication solutions have been deployed. The product communicates to networked devices using SNMP and extracts data that is used to indicate the network health. Network health is particularly useful when deploying and debugging voice and video communications on existing network infrastructure. Unlike competitors products, the Martello solution does not required that additional monitoring devices be deployed. Marwatch uses your existing network devices as it’s probes. Martello started with Mitel devices but has expanded to add support for Avaya and several other network switches. The Marwatch system has been designed to reduce downtime by proactively monitoring networks to verify that they are secure, reliable, and functioning optimally. MarWatch sends an alert immediately via email, SMS, or Twitter to the appropriate person as soon as a problem is detected.

Product Highlights: 

  • Provides real-time and historical performance monitoring
  • Flexible Alerting (email, SMS, Twitter, SNMP) with advanced scheduling
  • Special focus on Mitel Unified Communications equipment and VoIP Quality
  • Integrated secure Remote Access
  • Active IP SLA Monitoring
  • Geographic Map with Location Status Display
  • Supports broad range of devices in Public and Private Networks
  • Supports automated scheduled off-site backup
  • Supports multiple Regions, Customers, Locations and Devices
  • Supports Internet accessible and Private Network devices
  • Simple Deployment in Customer Networks, Software or Hardware Probe available

I was quite impressed with the Martello web page which clearly explained what they do and how they do it.

For more information on Martello, please visit:

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