AirVM is an “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS) and software company that offers channel partners a turnkey white labeled solution in seconds. The hosted service delivers enterprise-grade, scalable, on-demand, commitment-free Cloud Servers with pay-as-you-go pricing.
AirVM is more than a facility that hosts well connected virtual compute resources. AirVM management software makes it easy to manage, reconfigure and install you virtual resources. I recently tested a virtual cloud based session boarder controller that was trans-coding video feeds from across the country. The bandwidth in and out of the facility and the performance of the hardware was excellent.

A basic AirVM configuration includes 1 CPU, 500 MHz of Guaranteed CPU share, 1GB of RAM and 25GB of Production Storage.


  • 1 GB RAM: 1.4¢/hour ($10/month)
  • 1 CPU : 0.7¢/hour ($5/month)
  • 500 MHz Share: 1.4¢/hour ($10/month)
  • 25 GB Production Storage : 2¢/hour ($15/month)
  • 75 GB Development Storage : 2¢/hour ($15/month)

SAS 70 Type II Certified

AirVM understands that data security, privacy and availability very important. The data center is located in an 18 floor telecom building with an all steel frame structure and badge security access. It is one of the largest telecommunications facilities in the central region of the United States with multiple IT and communication giants also running data centers at the same location.

The data center maintains scalable direct multi-gigabit bandwidth connections into four of the top five internet backbone carriers to ensure a network that has both high availability and the ability to adapt to changing network traffic requirements.

The building receives electricity from three separate power feeds on a spot network that provides automatic fail over capabilities. It also maintains level current and short term power backup through a complex UPS system, and has the capability to handle long term power outages with their two 1.5 megawatt diesel generators.

To ensure servers are in the optimal climate, the data center has an automated system that controls temperature and humidity with a redundant cooling system. The equipment is protected by a dry pipe fire suppression system. Security includes access codes, a security guard station, biometric hand scanners, electronic proximity readers and security cameras. The data center is fully SAS 70 Type II certified.

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