Yupiq is a provider of online referral and social advocate reward programs. They equip organizations with the ability to instantly engage customers where they are always connected, for example using mobile phones or social networks. By engaging customers where they are comfortable, Yupiq is able to help turn existing customers into active social advocates for a business.

Their unique service removes the need for expensive custom software development while allowing companies to fully integrate with and capitalize on the most up to date online consumer trends. Through integration with the Point of Sale, Yupiq is able to provide a high caliber of reporting and security. Yupiq strives to attract new customers, increase foot traffic, and ultimately increase revenues for all of our clients.

Yupiq is kind of like a commercialized flashmob in that it uses the same social media transport to promote more organized events. I extracted the next couple of sections from their web page where you will find links and examples of events where they have increased sales and participation by significant amounts. I have provided a link to their site at the bottom of this post.

Socially Engaging Referrals Made Easy

YUPIQ’s Easy to Use Referral Promotions let you:
  • Get your Customers and Supporters to refer their friends
  • Reward them when their friends buy, visit or view
  • Use analytics to see the value and know your community

Some Features

  • Custom, no programming, themeable promotion pages
  • Promote videos, online content and special offers
  • Let customers refer friends over Twitter, Facebook and Email
  • Reward customers with sweepstakes entries or prizes
  • Automatically tracks and rewards user referral behaviour

Yupiq offers three packages for prospective customers:

ENTERPRISE    Request Pricing                PRO         $119/month                   FREE

  • All 3rd Party Integrations             Professional Analytics         Basic Analytics
  • Priority Enterprise Support       One 3rd Party Integration      Custom Theming
  • Professional Analytics                All Promotion Types               All Promotion Types
  • Unlimited Promotions                Unlimited Promotions          Unlimited Promotions
  • Unlimited Participants               Unlimited Participants          Unlimited Participants
  •                                                             Custom Theming
30 day money back guarantee

For more information on Yupiq please visit: http://yupiq.com


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