Apple TV for developers

As an apple developer, I have the opportunity to get access to early release products. This past month Apple announced a new version of their popular Apple TV and offered free developer kits. I applied to get one and didn’t make the initial short list, but a couple weeks later, Apple sent me a note saying that they had made more units available and that I had been selected to get one.

Not one to pass on a opportunity to start yet another project, I accepted their offer. I expect that my developer kit, which includes a next gen Apple TV and remote, will show up in the next few days. While I’m waiting, I have been thinking about what apps to write for it. It’s not obvious what people would want to do with an internet connected big screen.

The new Apple remote has a touch section for game control as well as the usual TV style controls. I was initially thinking about an app that linked my TV to my home phone system, but that wouldn’t be a big seller as most people don’t have a SIP PBX in their homes. I may still do that app for myself or small business, but I put the question to you, my readers. What would you like to do with your TV?

I suspect that there will be no shortage of apps that associate stats with sports so how about live TV from the local Pub? It would add a new dimension to open mic night. At first blush my reaction was sure, but that would really be just another TV broadcast. Apple believes that interactive gaming will be popular, but I’m not a gamer.

Traditional TV style things like arrivals/departures at local airports, traffic conditions, etc come to mind, but that’s hardly innovative and will probably be basic functionality.

I guess the first step will be to set it up and see what it does out of the box. Hopefully that will get the grey matter firing and an idea will come to mind. If you have suggestions, please send them my way. Maybe a home controller app to turn your house into an Internet thing?

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