A follow up to my post on Quebec…

I heard on the news on the way home last night that the city of Gatineau (Across the river from Ottawa) has just approved the addition of photo-radar. If the silliness continues, we can at least have our day in court without having to travel all the way back to Montreal.

That said, heads up to out-of-town travellers.

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2 Responses to A follow up to my post on Quebec…

  1. Bryce says:

    These systems went bust in Houston area. Have you heard of the Monkey masked man?

    • ajgillette98@gmail.com says:

      In Canada they don’t care who’s driving the car. The power of the plate has to pay the fine. The fact that there are no demerit points means most people just pay the fine… So what about my new post. What app should I write for my apple tv?

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