Robotic trash pickup?

A few years ago the movie Wall-E highlighted what we have to look forward to as the world slowly devolves into a giant garbage dump. Wall-E was a garbage disposal robot that was left behind to clean up the mess. This past week the talk of autonomous self driving cars evolved to self driving garbage trucks. I immediately thought about Wall-E.

It’s starting to look like anything that can be driven will eventually be self driving. I’m not sure what all of the currently drivers are going to do with their lives, but one would hope they would all be retired before it comes to that.

If any of you have children that are dreaming of driving busses, trucks, trains, or what ever, you might want to encourage them to seek another career. Will the world be a better place without people at the wheel? I suspect that the unions will have an opinion, but I have nothing to offer on that one.

Any major change will have hiccups, so I expect that there will be good arguments against it. Resisting change is the nature of what we are, but I have found that change in inevitable. I tend to embrace change and roll with the punches. I would much rather help to solve the problems, then suffer with the status quo.

My garbage cans my not be long for this world, but bring it on world, I’m ready.

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