The Intel Edison

A few years back, Intel announced that it would be manufacturing a small all-in-one computer with an SD card footprint. In the end, that footprint was a bit too small, but they did release a very small foot print device just in time for the beginning of  “The Internet Of Things” or IOT.


Several manufactures have capitalized on the new device and are offering kits that you can use to prototype that Kickstarter project that you have been putting on the back burner.

The kit shown here includes the Edison, a break-out board and a number of sensors. There is another kit for wearable computer ideas, one specifically targeted at IOT and another for robotics enthusiasts.

I’m thinking that Santa will have a load of these in his bag this Christmas and I can’t wait for the new batch of kick starter project that follow in their wake. I expect to spend some time turning my house into an Internet Thing if Santa drops one under my tree…

hint, hint, grin…

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  1. Ben Rondeau says:

    Awe Man! Don’t make me spend more money Fred! Thanks a lot!

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