An so ends another hockey season

This weekend in Carp Ontario we saw the end to yet another season of West Carleton Old Timers Hockey. One of the things that makes this league unique is the way the teams balance out and the way one or two players can make all the difference. This year drove that point home in a way that will be one for the record books. The play-offs are a round robin collection of games that pits the best against the worst leading up to the final match that should in theory be the two best teams.

We started the weekend with two upsets right out of the gate. The regular season last place team beat the first place team. The next game saw the second last place team beat the second place team and that’s how it went all the way to the final.

The final game was the second last place team playing the last place team and the last place team won the tournament.

Games were played, pizza was eaten and large quantities of beer were consumed. There was even jello shooters to start the day Saturday morning, at least for the white team…

It will all start again next October so we have the next few months to take a break and get back in shape so we can play again next year.

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