Politics and Business

Politics and Business have been linked for as long as I can remember. It seems that politicians target business to help finance the country and business owners look to politicians to help finance their companies. Bullies exist in both places and the people who come out on top are not always the ones who deserve to be there.

I have been monitoring the election in Quebec with renewed interest as the separatist party tries for a majority government and another neverendum. Over the years I have spoken to relatives and friends in Quebec about the politics of separation and was surprised to find that the people there rate politics so low in their day to day lives that they just simply don’t care what happens. There in lies the danger.

In politics and business there are people who honestly believe that the world will be a better place if they are in charge. In almost every case the exact opposite is true. People who long to be in charge have spent most of their lives seeking their goal and lack the skills to do the job once they get it. If they are smart, they will surround themselves with people who are capable of doing the job and listen to their advice. It has been my experience however, that these people let their pride get in the way and often treat the people they need poorly and ignore their advice.

Business is not a democracy but politics does its best to pretend to be one. I encourage people to vote and to pay attention to bullies in Business and Politics. If you want to leave the world a better place than you found it, put the people who know what to do in charge. I realize that our lives are filled with every day concerns, but spend a few minutes to evaluate your business and political landscapes. There are well run businesses where you can be part of a team, enjoy yourself and make more money in the process.

If you can’t reason with your leaders, vote with your feet.

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