Socialnomics – How social media transforms our lives and businesses (Part 4)

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Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 10.52.37 AMToday we look at Chapter Two. “Social Media = Preventive Behaviour”

Erik starts out Chapter two with a look at how Social Media can effect our jobs, and our lives. He talks about how students have been kicked out of school for collaborating on personal projects using Facebook, Twitter, Hi5, MySpace and other similar sites. Then he points out that teachers have lost their jobs for comments and postings on their personal spaces.

I have been taken to task for some of the posts that I have made on this BLOG, so I know exactly what he is talking about. When you BLOG you have to know what you are talking about or people will stop listening or go on the offensive discounting what you have to say. Just for the record, I stand by everything that I have written and encourage critics to post comments if they disagree. But I digress….

If something like Social Media is powerful enough to cause you to loose you job, then it is a tool that should not be ignored.

I have used Facebook, to keep in touch with family for years. By restricting Facebook contacts to only family, I can control my audience. I use Google+ for friends and LinkedIn for business. My wife was commenting a few days ago that Christmas letters are no longer required because we know about each others families as events happen in real time. All three of my kids are in University now and I have been able to keep in touch without pestering them with questions, by just reading the Facebook news feed.

Erik continues with business applications by explaining how Comcast actually hired a company to monitor twitter for the word Comcast. The company was able to listen for tweets from customers that were having service problems and respond on behalf of Comcast. People started being contacted by the Comcast representatives minutes after they tweeted about a problem. This caused customers to tweet and post about the high quality of Comcast service. Other companies have employed the same approach with similar success.

Erik closes out the chapter with a caution that I completely agree with and have witnessed. People who tweet about taking out the garbage, cleaning the house, walking the dog. etc are quickly discounted and ignored by followers. The same thing happens on all forms of social media including Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and BBM. If you want people to take you seriously, you have to act the part and not contribute to Internet SPAM.

Social media is self regulating in that the squeaky wheel does not get the grease, it gets ignored.

Have a good weekend everyone, avoid the malls and stay tuned for a couple of more posts before the Christmas break.

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