New Project

Hey Readers,

Just a heads up that I have been working on a new project. You could say that I have enough projects already but I would counter with “There’s always room for one more [grin]”.

At one point in my life I coached young people who wanted to break into the music industry. Two of those young people have gone on to record albums and one makes a living playing and teaching music. I on the other hand have not recorded or released any original material. I’ve been writing my own songs (on and off)  for 5 decades, so I decided that it’s time to put some effort into creating an album of my own.

The creating of the lyrics was not that difficult (but still ongoing). The matching of the lyrics to the music, the recording, the arranging and the mixing of the tracks has proven to be the real challenge. I naively thought that I would write a song, add a few chords and I would be done.

It turns out, the number of tricks and tips required to record just one quality track is unbelievable. I probably have over a hundred hours invested and I can’t say I’m happy with anything so far. I have been trading tips and tricks with other musicians and building up my knowledge in the recording space, so hopefully progress will be made. I also purchased a Zoom-R16 portable studio and I’m quite impressed with what it can do.

Everything is in flux at the moment but stay tuned for progress reports. If you have tips and tricks to share, I’m all ears…

There will be an album release party at some point and if you’re in the Ottawa area, you’re invited!!

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