I’ve always been interested in the concept of crowd sourcing, but resisted because of the fact that your idea is in the public domain. If the idea is truly good then others who have access to a larger resource pool could easily scoop you.

If you’ve been following my posts as of late, you know that I launched a kick starter project late yesterday to sell books and help fund my daughter’s surgical┬átraining. What I didn’t expect was the number of emails I received this morning from people wanting to help me be successful (for a fee of course). I have apps in the Apple app store and on Google play so I get the odd email from marketing companies who have no idea what the apps do but are convinced they can help me reach a wider audience (again for a fee).

It seems that the marketing companies of the world focus would rather focus on kick-starter because the ratio of emails was something like 10:1. My kick-starter project is going to be more organic so I’m sending the emails to the bit bucket, but there sure are a lot of them.

I’ll keep you posted on how the project goes and would appreciate you forwarding the link and asking your friends to check it out.


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