Big Changes

The front page story in this morning’s paper was the swearing in of the new government in Canada. It looks like the new prime minister is bringing about the change he promised during his campaign and that in itself is a breath of fresh air. I think back to the provincial elections of past where people like Dalton McGuinty made promises during their campaign and then 20 minutes after they were elected announced that they could not deliver on much of what they promised. The usual excuse is that the previous government created more of a mess than they had anticipated.

That was then and this is now. Half of the new government is women and the government has representatives from ridings distributed across the country. Mr Trudeau has waisted no time addressing the issues that are easily addressed, but the real work still lies ahead. Things like senate reform, immigration, budgets, and the economy are going to be much tougher nuts to crack.

To Mr. Trudeau’s credit, he has been quite up front about the challenges he is facing and after 10 years of not knowing what the government has been doing, it’s nice to see good relationships forming between the government at the press. I challenge the press to keep things positive because their track record in this area is less that stellar. I don’t know what the universities teach in journalism courses, but it seems that the quest for ¬†increased readership often causes reporters to look for the story within the story.

News-Flash! Often the story is just that – The Story.

As a Canadian, I am proud of this new prime minister. Mr ¬†Trudeau is young, keen, has the full support of a very capable spouse, has young children to balance his life and has been a positive force from day 1. There were periods during the campaign when I wasn’t sure he was up to the challenge, but I no longer think that way.

Hold on to your seats Canada, things are going to change and it’s going to be for the better.

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  1. SRMcEvoy says:

    Excellent piece very balanced.

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