A little Help Please – the repost

This is a re-post because the original and all of it’s associated comments mysteriously went missing. The people who host my site said they could see where the post should be, but there was no content. They have backups on both sides of the post, but none that include the post, so unless some one out there has a copy, it has been lost.

I tried my best to reconstruct the original thoughts, but this is basically a re-write. I did criticize the press in the original post for not reporting on casualty numbers in the middle east, but three days later I did hear numbers on the local radio station, so I have to take that back.

——————————— The missing post ————————————————

It could be that I’m just getting old and I am no longer thinking clearly, but I’m going to make a couple of observations today and maybe you tell me where I messed up…

Observation #1: The USA has been all over Russia lately for their getting involved in the Ukraine. There is no doubt in my mind that Russia is pushing the envelope with their involvement, but some of the things I read just don’t make sense. It seems that the USA is blaming Russia for the downing of MH370 because it was shot down with a Russian rocket. Many countries manufacture and sell weapons. I don’t understand how that makes them responsible for what other people do with the weapons they buy. If the USA is implying that Russia is responsible because they manufactured the rocket, then the USA would be responsible for most of the deaths associated with conflicts around the world. They are the largest producer of such things…

Observation #2: The conflict in the Middle East has been in the news a lot lately but no one seems to talk about the casualties on both sides. If you consider those numbers, it is pretty clear who needs to take a step back and re-evaluate their position. Oddly, the media does not seem to report on things like casualties.

The book that I just finished reading last night implied that in the future we may know people on the other side of the world better than the people who live next door. It suggests that when this happens it will be a lot harder to wage war against people that we know personally.

We are all busy with our day to day lives and this can cause us to not pay attention to what our governments are doing on our behalf. We have the Internet and we can find out what is going on, perhaps it’s time to pay attention. The book suggests that it will be a lot harder for governments of the future to wage war or get support from their electorates when everyone is connected. Perhaps that time is upon us…

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