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JourneyIt’s November 8th and the novel is coming along. I have until the end of the month to write 50,000 words and as of today I am at 37,818. As part of this novel, I decided that I needed to invent a new game.

This game is played by people with indestructible bodies so game play involves very few rules. To find out how they got those bodies, you’ll have to read the book.

There are no goalies in this game, just a basketball like backing board with a small hole.

Here is another excerpt:

“Rules and a description of the game was supplied to each of the the fans who came ready to add their two cents. Because Ambro was the person with the most experience at playing the game, she was elected as the official.

Team one (Red): Ivan, Jacob, Elieen, Mary, Anna

Team two (Blue): Martin, Beth, Calli, Sarah, Phap

Martin and Ivan had about the same mass and skill level. Jacob and Phap were the same mass but Jacob was the better player. Elieen and Calli were evenly matched and very fast. Beth was more physical than Mary, but Mary had proven to be a playmaker. Anna had a height and skill advantage on Sarah, but Sarah had a temper.

The cheering section was evenly split with spectators aligning themselves with their crewmembers, favorite colors or any other seemingly insignificant fact that justified their affiliation.

The teams came out onto the surface to cheers from their sections and practiced shooting at the goal until Ambro glided to the center circle dressed in the traditional black and white striped jersey. The teams lined up with three forward players and two defense on each side.

Martin was playing center for Blue opposite Ivan. Martin had Sarah on his right and Beth on his left. Calli and Phap were playing defense.

Ivan had Jacob on his right and Anna on his left with Mary and Eileen on defense.

The playing surface looked like a hockey surface with a center red line, two defensive blue lines and circles at center and to the right and left of each goal. An off side would be called if the player with the disc did not cross the blue line before any other player on their team, but that was it for rules. All forms of contact with body or stick were to be considered legal.

Ambro positioned herself in the middle of the center circle, lifted the disk into the air so all the fans could see it and then dropped it between Ivan and Martin.

Martin pulled the disk back to Calli who relayed it to Phap. Jacob was on top of Phap before he could pass and was slammed into the boards. The fans all held their breath to see if Phap would get up because the hit was so powerful you could see the force ripple down the boards from one end to the other.

Phap was on his feet so fast it was hard to believe he had been knocked down. He took a swing at Jacob with his stick, but Jacob was long gone.

He managed to get around Sarah but Beth was waiting for him and swung at his head like it was a baseball. The force of the impact took Jacob right off his feet allowing the disk to be intercepted by Calli. Calli fired a bullet like pass to Martin who dodged around Ivan and hammered a blistering shot directly at the goal.

The red light above the goal came on and the red fans cheered. A roman numeral one was projected onto the glass below the red goal.”

There’s lots more ‘play-by-play’ action in the novel…

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