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I few years back I came across a band called “Boys like Girls”. The band had a couple of hit songs at the time and had released an album with more hits than misses. It was one of those summer albums that sticks in your mind and reminds you of good times. I hadn’t heard from the band since so I thought I would look them up on iTunes.

They actually had an album in 2009 where they recorded a hit with Taylor Swift and then another in 2012. I checked out some of the tracks and then downloaded both albums. My first impression is that these guys continue to crank out the hits.

I probably should define what a hit means to me. I’m equally about lyrics and music, so if the artist has mindless lyrics, they won’t get a recommendation from me. If the artist has very innovative music and no lyrics then that is a different story. I guess the bottom line is don’t spoil one with a poor effort at the other.

Consider the following recommended…

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 1.27.26 PM



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