Humor in the work place (Part Deux)

Here are some more mixed up metphors. You ,ay not believe it, but people actually said these things and I wrote them down. Sometimes they are so mixed up I had to repeat them several times to myself to get all the words in the right order. Most of the time the people in question moaned as they knew that had been caught saying something that just didn’t make sense.

If you listen closely in your daily meetings or even outside of work, you will develop and ear for picking these things out of the noise. Most of the time our brain fills in the correct information and we miss something really funny. People who don’t speak English as their first language are good sources for material and also good sources for detecting that someone else said something funny. Their brains can’t fill in the proper words because they don’t know what the proper words are.

Here is the end of my list. I haven’t been keeping track for a while, but maybe it’s time to start again 😉

Jan 13 2004 Everyone shows up at the table with his own hobby horse and then beats his horse to death
Feb 05 2004 He can be on you like stink on shit
Feb 15 2004 He’s out of the boat
Mar 04 2004 I’m sure he lost a couple of grey hairs over that one
Mar 04 2004 As soon as he puts two calls he’s out of the water
Mar 20 2004 She got herself all tied up in her nickers
Jul 28 2004 I think we’re hunting down the wrong path
Aug 04 2004 He’s got some balls that work out nicely
Oct 29 2004 He has his fingers in a thousand pies, but I’m not sure he pulls the pin out on any of them
Nov 23 2004 Spots really don’t change that far
Dec 10 2004 I’m all over it like white on bread
Feb 17 2005 Pray to your lucky star tonight
Mar 03 2005 We don’t want to spin our tails supporting these things
Sep 19 2005 That provides to be very valuable mileage
Nov 10 2005 Those irons are out of there and if they take off, it’s a whole new kind of problem
Nov 23 2005 Now you’re splitting straws
Dec 12 2005 A bunch of loose ends that need to be put to bed
Jan 31 2006 I guess we’ll have to go through the same 9 yards all over again
Jun 02 2006 We’re caught 16 ways from Sunday
Jul 09 2006 We’ll jump that bridge when we get to it
Oct 10 2006 Alot of shoes will drop in alot of places before and consecquences will roll “
Oct 11 2006 If you talk to those guys, it’s amazing how many slices of bread it does
Oct 17 2006 Let’s not burn our house down at the moment
Oct 24 2006 We tried to fix all the bugs but other things got in our hair
Oct 24 2006 These are the dark corners we’re falling down on
Jul 07 2007 I was out like a log
Sept 9 2010 The only one that came out of the box swinging was…
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