Humor in the work place

I recently read an article from David Stein where he talked about having fun and humor in the work place. I think he did a good job of pointing out that making people laugh is important. Sometimes we laugh at our self, sometime we share at laugh with others and if it is done in a respectful way, it makes everyone feel better. Humor in the workplace makes people look forward to coming to work each day.

There are some people who just see humor in things and when they share, it opens our eyes to some of the more ridiculous things that we all do. Allot of the time I am so “heads down” that I miss some of the funnier moments. In the early nineties I worked for a guy who collected mixed up metaphors. It is truly amazing how many of these things go undetected everyday and they are really funny.

The list below was compiled by me and are things that people actually said. If you listen close in meetings you can have allot of fun. The list was too big to include in one post so I’ll save a few for a follow up post.

Dec 16 2002 Clean as a bell
Dec 19 2002 What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander
Jan 30 2003 Run around like a fish with it’s head cut off
Feb 04 2003 Drum up the bushes
Feb 06 2003 Life is a much better place
Feb 07 2003 Nothing that looks serious at the naked eye
Feb 14 2003 We could walk them over the phone
Mar 03 2003 They clean up their own dirty work
Mar 05 2003 The dog must wag the tail
Mar 25 2003 These are some of the issues I’m going to have to hurdle
Mar 25 2003 He kinda put that ball in my park
Apr 09 2003 For a guy who bets on Kansas, he has an awful lot of balls
Apr 09 2003 The sooner we get the balls rolling the better
Apr 09 2003 I have to choose between a rock and a hard place
Apr 15 2003 You’ve started to walk down a dirty path
Apr 15 2003 That train has run
Apr 16 2003 You guys had already gone through that hoop
Apr 30 2003 I knew the light bulb would turn
Jun 02 2003 Don’t jump the gun
Jun 06 2003 I’ll keep my ears peeled
Jun 17 2003 When you see the lights of my eyes
Jun 20 2003 A deal at half the price
Jun 24 2003 All over them, left right and center
Jul 24 2003 Jacob, you’re standing on thin ground
Jul 15 2003 It all works right out of the wash
Jul 18 2003 I’ll at least plant it in their ear
Jul 28 2003 He’ll talk your arm off
Jul 28 2003 There’s a flaw in your ointment
Aug 26 2003 The new applet interface is dirt slow
Sept 09 2003 As soon as you put your toe in that water, you have to have enough to colour the surface of that pond
Sept 30 2003 I don’t know where the dust is settling
Sept 30 2003 Do we need to continue down that vein ?
Sept 30 2003 It’s a scary can of worms
Oct 23 2003 The patch that we did is not a very good band aid
Oct 29 2003 All over them like a wet blanket
Nov 04 2003 We’ve got to dot all those i’s and t’s
Nov 05 2003 I have a couple of hurdles I have to conquer
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