Maintaining a Technical edge (Part Deux)

Last week published a post asking the question; How do we in North America maintain a technical edge. I have continued to ponder this question and pose the following for your consideration.

Canada and the USA have a decent standard of living, a reasonable government, and uncrowded places to live. We enjoy freedoms that are not common in other parts of the world. These are things that we can use to attract the best minds from around the world.

Given that we have these resources and a declining population, immigration will play a major roll in maintaining both our standard of living and our technical edge. Unfortunately for Canada, our immigration policies are less that optimal (I’m being kind).

I have a friend that has been trying to arrange for his parents immigration and I can’t believe the road blocks that the Canadian Government has erected. This man’s father is a published University Professor and he has been waiting literally years for the Canadian government to even acknowledge that they are doing anything. A while back I suggested that perhaps they should give up on Canada and immigrate to the USA because they seem to be more organized.

I digress, but I want to stress that reputations are something that take years to propagate. If we want North America want to be a place that attracts immigration, we need to start to build our reputations now. Our population is already in decline and we need thought leaders that will push our industries to the next level.

I encourage all of you to investigate your local immigration rules and to make this a high profile election issue. Write letters to you provincial and federal MP’s in Canada and your senators and representatives in the USA.

Let’s start attracting the most brilliant minds today !!

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