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Hey Jason

Hey Everyone, I’m going to try to post a series on what was on my mind while writing the songs on the new album “Wind&Fire” by my band “NorthOf60”. I should probably start by saying that the name has more … Continue reading

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Active Listening

I was going to say It’s funny how … but it’s really not funny how time¬†effects¬†our ability to really listen and understand what people are saying. When we listen to poetry or music, we can spend days or weeks trying … Continue reading

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Kanata North BIA Magazine

The latest copy of the Kanata North BIA Networker magazine is out and there is another article in the Serious Techie series… Check it out

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Geoterra (3) Arrival reviewed

Book three in the Geoterra series was just reviewed. Check out the link…  

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Arrival (Geoterra-book3)

I just finished pushing my latest novel “Arrival” to Amazon and Kobo. It will take a couple of days for them to review it and make it available for purchase, but my work is done. If you find any typos, … Continue reading

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A win-win

For those of you who don’t know, my daughter was recently accepted to medical school. The typical first response to this news is “wow! Congratulations.” The secondary response usually comes a couple of minutes later once the realization sinks in. … Continue reading

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