Searching for the ultimate pedal board configuration

The pedal board displayed in the new page header is my current setup. There were a number of considerations when deciding what should be on the pedal board and what should be in the back-end road case. 1) The pedal board has to be easy to connect and disconnect for open mics. 2) the pedal board should contain everything needed to perform with or without the back-end.

The pedal board has the Voice-Live electric which contains the set list and effects for each song for both the vocals and the guitar. It also contains the wireless receiver for a headset mic and the looper. Everything on the pedal board is powered by external 12V/5V battery packs so there is no requirement for an AC connection. You can see the wireless guitar link plugged into the Looper +, so the only wired connection to the pedal board is the in-ear monitor in this stat-alone configuration. In many cases the house monitors eliminate a requirement for the in-ear monitor.

The back-end road case contains two receivers for dual wireless Sennheiser microphones for backing vocals, a Zoom R16 portable recording studio which also acts as a mixer and a wireless in ear monitoring system. The output from the R16 goes to in-line 1/4″ to XLR transformers that provide noise isolation for connection to the main house sound system or powered speakers.

If the pedal board is being used without the back-end, I unplug a microphone connected to the house sound system and plug the wire into the output from the Voice-live. If I need an in ear monitor, I connect the in ear monitor to the headphones out of the Voice-Live. The Sheeran looper + and the Voice-Live both contribute to the mix so it’s important to find a balance where pre-amps are not being over driven. The output from the Looper + controls the loop and live guitar level into the Voice-Live. The Voice-Live controls the mix for the wireless headset (Vocal) and the Guitar/loop. The Voice-Live also sets the output to the R16 or the House sound system.

If the back-end is being used, I connect the output from the Voice-Live to the R16. If I need in ear monitors in this configuration, I connect the in-ear headset to a body pack from the wireless in ear system so I am completely wireless. All of the components in the back-end are also battery powered with the same 12v/5v battery packs.

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