What just happened?

There has been lots of chatter today about the US election. Most people outside of the US expected a correction due to the perceived poor performance of the current president but that didn’t happen. Talk show hosts are talking to analysis’s that are saying the divide between the political parties is so great that voters would put anyone that runs for their party in office. Some people are calling this the first stage of a failing democracy that might lead to civil war.

I would like to think that the parties themselves are failing their voting public and that it is not limited to the USA. Here in Canada we recently had a provincial election where the incumbent was so generally disliked, the opposing party could have run anyone and they would have won. Some would argue that is exactly what they did.

I have spoken with family in the USA and they indicated that they might have voted differently if the other party ran a candidate that they believed in and that they see the same poor choices each time.

I believe that globally governments need to consider what the people want and select candidates that present platforms that resonate with the voters. If a candidates entire platform is about targeting the other guy, don’t vote for that person. If a candidate’s focus is all about polarizing the voting public, don’t vote for that person. If a candidate makes promises and does not follow through, vote them out (Provided you have a decent alternative candidate).

Politics is not something that you can ignore and hope it goes away. Vote for people who treat all others with respect, people who you would be proud to call your friend and people who will make your country the envy of other countries world wide.

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