Happy New Year

Hey everyone,

It’s been a while and I have a minute, so I decided to wish everyone a happy New Year and provide a bit of an overview for what I am planning for 2019.

I hope to do more writing in 2019 starting with a new novel that will be written in February/March. The novel will continue the “Geoterra” series that already has three previously published books available on Amazon and Kobo.

I plan to book a few music gigs in February and March, so if you’re in the Ottawa area check back for times and dates.

I have started preparing for a kick starter campaign that will launch the first product “P-Mixer” from “Frayed”.┬áThe “P-Mixer” is a personal battery powered mixer that allows musicians to adjust their own mix without messing with the over all mix. More on that to come in another post. It has a built in limiter to protect your hearing and allows you to adjust instrument, vocal and house mix inputs separately in your in-ear monitor.

The “Frayed” guitar pedal line will launch this year with a single and dual slot pedal “The Duo” and “Uno” along with several plugin effect modules. The first effect module will be called “The Cavern” has been designed and the first rev PCB’s should arrive in the next few weeks.

I will be training over the summer for another half-marathon in September. I managed a personal best time in 2018, so I guess I have to run at least one more.

Nokia has lots of new and exciting things happening this year, but I can’t talk about those…

Stay tuned for more BLOG posts and I’m always open to suggestions.



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