The state of things

I had lunch with a friend yesterday who pointed out that I haven’t been doing a lot of writing. I think I’m getting caught up in the crazy epidemic that seems to be happening around me and I’m spending more effort than I should trying to understand it.

There has definitely been a theme to my last few posts and today is no exception. I experienced another example on the way to work this morning that made me realize that people like Mr. Trump have always existed around me, but their actions were suppressed by social pressure to behave. Now that a world leader demonstrates daily that it’s ok to say stupid things, it’s ok to arbitrarily treat people with no respect and it’s ok to make up facts to fit his reality, people like him feel empowered do the same.

This morning I was waiting in a line of cars to turn left and a guy in an over sized white pickup truck drives down the shoulder past the five cars in line and blocks my view of the intersection so he can jump the queue and turn right. That in itself angered me and the other people in line, but just before he turns he looks at me smiles and waves.

The voice of reason in the back of my head says, “maybe he’s just friendly” or “maybe he has an emergency”, then reality kicks me in the back of the head and says “no he’s just a dick”. Then to make matters worse, a second guy from the end of the line does the same thing. I realize that being a dick is contagious!

I have to slap myself and say out loud that I refuse to be inconsiderate. I will force myself to be fair and when I am treated with disrespect I will hold my ground.

Then the anger passes and I realize that I am giving inconsiderate people power over me by acknowledging their actions.

So what’s the take away?

  • Celebrate the considerate and thoughtful people in your life.
  • Vote!  It is important to have the right people in office.
  • Help to restore social expectations.
  • Use your access to the Internet to call people out when they make up facts.
  • Don’t Panic [grin]
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  1. David Brown says:

    Good for you Fred! I haven’t noticed any increase (or decrease) in inconsiderate behaviour lately but I have been very distracted by the nonsense happening to the south. I guess it’s been two years now. I’ve adapted; I don’t look at Facebook at all and glance only occasionally at Twitter. I have a subscription to the Washington Post and rely on the PBS NewsHour for TV news. It was much nicer when US News was optional in my life. We have an acquaintance in common who ignores all global news. It’s tempting! 🙂

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