Is it just me?

I have noticed that social interactions espically with strangers, have really changed in the last year. I think that Mr. Trump has made it acceptable to speak openly with less regard for political correctness and rational thought. Patience seems to be in short supply and fringe groups are organizing into gangs that share similar views. Car horns are working over time and there seems to be a trend toward short sightedness.

One major problem with this change is that the groups are empowered by what they read on the Internet and in the Media and they actually believe they are right. I am astounded by some of the claims that I have heard people make in social conversations and wonder what will happen when their positions are proven to be wrong.

In some of my weaker moments I have tried to inject some facts into these conversations and they are immediately rejected as “Fake News”. I guess the only thing rational people can do is keep quite and let the train wreck happen.

A popular saying in the medical community is “You cannot fix Stupid”. That may be true but it would be nice if we could find a way to work around it.

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