I just got back from a quick walk around at today’s TechNADA job fair at the brook street hotel. It reminded me of the early 80’s in that there was good representation from local tech companies and the tech community. A number of new players like Amazon, were there trying to build out their teams along side veterans like Nokia, March, and Ciena.

It was nice to see companies actually competing for potential employees. I have read a number of articles projecting a tech worker shortage in the coming years, but this is the first concrete evidence of the start of a new wave of growth.

Some companies like Youi-TV are creating work places that rival those in silicon valley. Better work environments are required in order to appeal to millennial’s who aren’t interested in spending more than their required number of hours at work. The importance of making the work place comfortable seems to have been lost by tech companies over the past 15 years.

As a veteran of the tech industry, who has felt the excitement of a new opportunity and adventure, I can say that I can feel that excitement starting to build again.

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