Room for improvement…

I’ve been involved with the music industry on and off for over 50 years and I am amazed that it hasn’t really changed. Musicians find it hard to find places to play, Venue owners find it hard to find good musicians and people can’t figure out where to go to hear the live music they want to hear. There is no feedback process for musicians to tune their performances (no pun intended) and in many cases venue owners don’t make back what they pay for live music.

I started looking at this problem a couple of months ago and have confirmed that the problems exist and that all of the parities are more than ready for someone to address the issues.

I have a few ideas about how this could be done and will be documenting them at . I’m thinking that a good place to start would be a web page that is focused on organizing Open Mics. For those of you who don’t know what an Open Mic is, it’s an evening where a host (The person that is on the hook for the night’s entertainment) provides a venue for new(er) musicians to get up and play a few songs.

Some of the issues with Open Mics are that you can’t control the quality of the performances, the performers don’t get feedback, you can’t book a time slot so you often spend the entire night waiting to perform and only the hosts get paid.

The music industry needs a structured way for new musicians to perform and improve and I think that the technology to do that exists.

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