dl_cert20x30-tmpl-4676-zzzd0693-jdiiAnother running season done and this one was brutal. The heat this summer made running a challenge and limiting my runs to 10K did not prepare me properly for the 21K run in September.

I had a reasonable time, but I was on track for a much better time up until the 16K mark. I don’t know anything about sports medicine, but I have observed that in order for me to run well, I have to train on hills and with longer runs.

This was my fifth Army run and I thought it might be my last, but next year will be the tenth anniversary of the run and the 150th birthday of Canada, so I think I have to do at least one more.

Congrats to all the runners and see you on the course next year.

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  1. David Brown says:

    Well done Fred! You’re setting an example that I can only dream of!

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