The ever changing world

This site is called “The view from Silicon Valley North” and today I would like to reflect on that.

I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but the Tech sector in Canada has been in recovery mode for quite some time. There have been many notable explosions like Blackberry, Nortel, and JDS. and there have been smaller implosions that effected companies like Mitel, Ericsson, and Alcatel. The names of the sick and the dead is a much bigger list, but you get the point.

2015 seems to have started with clearer skies (The dust has settled) and the locals have been hiring to meet customer demands for new products. There will no doubt be more implosions, but I would suggest to you that those companies will have poor management or a lack of technical vision to blame.

I have learned in my 30+ years in the Technology sector, that many outside things influence the success or failure of an enterprise. If we discount random external events however, I feel that 2015 will mark a turn around in the tech sector. SDN and NFV will drive innovation and changes at the edge and in the core of the Internet. Many companies will ride that wave with new product offerings.

As the capabilities of the network grow, “Over The Top” (OTT) services will multiply and consumers will become even more reliant on their network connections. Mobility and VoIP have replaced traditional telephony, but VoIP VNF vendors will see increases in sales as old style PBX’s are retired. The new audio centric VNF’s will have to deliver enhanced feature sets to appeal to SME customers, incorporating web trunks as well as commercial VoIP.

I generally see the world as an opportunity waiting to be realized but the view at the moment seems better than usual. The “Internet Of Things” (IOT) coupled with “Over The Top” (OTT) services, combined with “Software Defined Networking” (SDN) and “Network Function Virtualization” (NFV) will not only add to our dictionaries of “Three Letter Acronyms” (TLAs), they will improve business outlooks.

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