Starting your day…

The information age has created a great deal of wealth and prosperity but it has also made it harder for people who sit at desks all day to maintain a healthy body. Many of us join health clubs and participate in off-hours activities to make up for our sedentary work life, but there are some things that we can do to help stay fit. Let’s consider the following a challenge and if you want, I can report from time to time on the results.

1. Start each day with 50 pushups. Move your chair aside and do 50 pushups in your cube.

2. Exchange your chair for a exercise ball. You can bounce all day while you type.

3. Go for a walk or a run at lunch. Land lords spend a good deal of money grooming the areas where we work. Get out an enjoy it!

4. Set you phone to remind you to get up and stretch once an hour. Start from the top with neck rotations and work your way down. Shoulder shrugs, hip rotations, toe touches, etc.

5. Do 50 more pushups at lunch and end the day with a final 50.

I guarantee that you will feel the effects within the first week and will feel stronger by the second week. I’m going to do 50 right now..

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One Response to Starting your day…

  1. Kristjan Onu says:

    Reporting live from Montreal: 25 push ups and 25 sit ups. Thanks for the motivation!

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