Happy Belated Birthday Dad

IMG_3056 Since I posted birthday wishes to my mother yesterday, I felt that I should follow up with a few words for my Dad.

I had to dig out birth certificates to determine that I actually missed my father’s birthday on Monday. According to the province of Quebec, My father, Jules Joseph Germain Gillet was born in St-Barthelemi on August 4th, 1930. Monday would have been his 84th Birthday. My sister commented yesterday, on my mother’s post, that there was some confusion about when exactly my father was born. Rumors aside, the birth was registered on August 11, 1930 as happening on the 4th so we’ll have to go with that.

IMG_3061My Father also grew up during the Second World War and I believe that he planned to proudly serve his country. He joined the Royal Canadian Air Cadets as soon as he was old enough, where he attained the rank of Warrant Officer. He participated in the band as a drummer and then as the leader carrying the prized mace. He was known for throwing the mace high in the air, end over end and then catching it before it smashed into the ground. I remember being amazed as a child watching him from my grandmother’s front porch. Everyone held their breath until the mace was safely back in his hand.

Both my mother and father grew up in a time when a high school education was not considered a necessity. My Mother left high school to help out at home and my father left to help with the family business. They were both excellent students and it really was a shame that they were not able to continue with their educations.

My mother and father always celebrated their birthdays on the same day so we never really figured out what the exact days were.

Happy belated 84th Dad

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  1. Vic says:

    When did the last name change from Gillet to Gillette?

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