Back from Vacation, refreshed and recharged.

Every year my wife and I leave civilization behind and rent a cottage on “Lac Vert” in Quebec. It’s only an hour and forty five minutes from our house, but there is no cell service and the lake is shared with a provincial park. The nice part about that is that you don’t have to paddle very far to feel like you are in the middle of no where.

We usually go to Chapters before we head out and buy a number of books and spend the week Reading, Kayaking, Running and visiting with friends. It’s really amazing how just five days away from the routine can effect your overall view. It could have something to do with the books we read, or the fact that we shift our day, who knows.

What ever the cause, the effect is well worth the effort and the expense.

I will have a number of book reviews for you in the next few days / weeks and I encourage you to email me with topics and or posts for this BLOG.

I would like to invite you to help me improve “The view from Silicon Valley North” by providing me with your submissions. You can email me at I would like to add both regular and occasional contributors in an effort to raise the sites readership and profile.

I know that a lot of you have things to say to lets hear them. I reserve the right to reject posts that could be considered offensive but if you are concerned about protecting your reputation, you can post anonymously if you wish.

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  1. Mojtaba says:

    Welcome back Fred!

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