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Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 3.27.24 PMAs a musician, I belong to the “Reverb Nation”. Reverb Nation is a web site that provides a mechanism for new and established artists to promote their music. Recently the site has started sending emails to its members highlighting talent that the site believes are on the rise. I received an email today and gave a few groups a quick listen at lunch. One of the bands had featured a track that I quite liked, so I looked them up and they had an album on iTunes. I checked out a few tracks and decided to purchase the album.

The group is called “Blackberry Wednesday” and they are based out of Nashville. The interesting part about that however, is that they are a borderline heavy metal rock group. I liked the lyrics of the songs but particularly liked the arrangements. These guys put sounds together that compliment each other. They have solid vocals with good harmonies on vocals and guitars.

I’m definitely going to add them to my workout playlist.

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