Updates and Open Source

I don’t know if I’m the only one who is starting to develop an unnatural fear of updates, but there have been a greater number of them lately on Linux platforms. Updates by themselves are not necessarily bad unless they cause things to stop working and that has been what has been happening to me.

I am currently running a number of virtual machines on three separate hardware platforms. It seems that every couple of days there are updates to not only the Guest OS’s but the host OS’s and the VM manager. Every time Virtual Box gets updated, the extensions and kernel modules are updated as well and that can cause problems for all of the moving parts.

The end result is upgrades wrapped in upgrades and each time I can’t be sure that everything will work when I am done. Everyone does their best to insure that dependencies are met, but problems turn into lost hours that most of us cannot afford. It would be really helpful if the regulating forces would try a bit harder to group updates together into releases.

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