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2013 was not the best year that I have logged, but 2014 is starting out much better. Partly because of that, and partly because I believe that we should all spend a bit of our day helping others, I have launched a new campaign.

I am going to use what I have learned over the past year to help others find work in their perspective fields. In some cases it may be a multi-step process, but the target in each case is the ideal job for their education background and personal goals.

This is actually more challenging that you might think because several of the people that I am helping are looking for positions that have nothing to do with high tech. Some of the people are in Ottawa and looking for work in the Ottawa area, while others are on the east coast or willing to move. Some have graduate degrees, some undergrad degrees and some are summer students.

I am currently looking for contacts to place people in Urban Planning, Marine Biology and Entrepreneurship. Three fields that I know little about. If you have connections in these fields, or know of people who might have connections, please contact me.

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