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I have been working in the tech industry for 32+ years. When I started my Career at Mitel in 1981, I had just graduated from St. Lawrence College in Cornwall with an Electronics Engineering Technology Diploma. While working at Mitel, I continued my education by enrolling at Ottawa University. In 1987, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

Over the course of my 32+ years I have worked as a Telecom focused hardware designer (Mitel 1981 – 1986) and as a Telecom focused software designer (1987 – Present). There were periods during that time, when I was:

  • a Manager (Newbridge, Telexis, MitelKnowledge, MKCNetworks),
  • a Director (Telexis/Magor),
  • an Assistant Vice President (Telexis)
  • a Vice President (Magor).

I have always been a hands-on leader, leading through example and remaining close to technology and development. I have transitioned between developer and management roles several times, which has allowed me to maintain my base skills. I am a technology enthusiast who develops hardware and software on his own time during periods when I have had to concentrate on management at work.

I have participated as a founder at seven Ottawa area start-ups. (Crosskeys, Telexis, March Networks, MitelKnowledge, MKCNetworks, NewHeights and Magor). In each of these companies I contributed to the design of the core products as an architect and developer. In many cases I was also involved in sales engineering, product management and project management. At Magor, I was part of the Senior Management Team, and VP of Applications Engineering.

Applications Engineering at Magor, was founded to create complete customer solutions. This meant integrating other vendor products, Magor products and writing any software required to deliver what met the customer’s needs. The Applications Engineering process was a complete life cycle of its own from requirements collection to product delivery. Applications Engineering was sometimes referred to as Advanced Tech Support because we were responsible for writing Application Notes, testing new target Hardware and investigating new technologies like GNUGK.

For the last eight months, I have been involved with the development of Mobile applications for Android and IOS. I established myself as an independent contractor in the spring and have participated as a team leader and senior software designer on a very large software development, which has been delivered and is in use.

I continue to develop software on my own and have several of my apps on sale in the Apple App-Store as well as on Google Play.




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