What a day…

photoI’m sitting out back, it’s 2:47 on a Sunday afternoon and I’m comfortable in a t-shirt. This is unheard of for September 29th in Canada. I can hear the announcer in the back ground from the fair grounds and crickets in the grass. The trees are turning yellow, read and orange and the wind is starting to pick up. Could life be any better?

This is what it looks like looking out across my neighbor’s yard toward the woods.

Life can always be better and life can always be worse. That said, I have no complaints at the moment.

I have started to piece together the outline of the book that I will write in November, making notes as ideas come to me. Once I start writing on November 1, there will be little time for creative thinking. NaNoWriMo is kind of like a forced organization. I don’t know if all writers need that to get started but it seems to work for me.

I spent some time today going through my mom’s papers in an attempt to reduce the number of boxes in the garage. It’s hard to believe that the world has changed as much as it has in the last 80 years. Looking at what her friends were sending her when she married my dad was enlightening. People in the 1950’s felt success meant a family, a small house and a car. The world was still recovering from a war and a depression and the bar was set low.

I’d like to think that there are still some people out there that would be content with a simple life. I just don’t know any. It’s kind of sad really, that we have come to expect so much.

PostsĀ  are going to start to taper off in October in preparation for Nanowrimo. Fall is upon us, the weather is fine, the leaves are colorful, get outside and enjoy it while you can.

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